Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Ominous Rise -- Global Warming -- CO2 Level

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Note: Charles David Keeling was a registered Republican! A quote from the article:

In an interview in La Jolla, Dr. Keeling’s widow, Louise, said that if her husband had lived to see the hardening of the political battle lines over climate change, he would have been dismayed.
“He was a registered Republican,” she said. “He just didn’t think of it as a political issue at all.”

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Percent of Estates Paying Estate Tax

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Budget Cost of Tax and Spending Compromise

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What the President Got and What Republicans Will Get. . .

. . .if/when tax cuts for the rich are extended (over the next 10 years).

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. . .but if the tax cuts are not extended, the situation is as follows:

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Note the scaling of the y-axis is different in the above graphs -- however, in both cases the cuts in blue total $238 billion.

Unemployed Workers per Job Opening

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Number of Lobbyists per Member of Congress

How many lobbyists are there per congressman?
The rate of lobbyists per congressman is currently 25.8, considering there are 432 congressmen (data provided by the Office of the Clerk website) and 11,140 lobbyists in Washington (data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics). In addition, the US House of Representatives is the top lobbying agency, with 10,833 reports filed in 2010 – against 10,727 by the US Senate.