Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pithy Comment regarding 'Uncertainty' in respose to post on Brad Delong's Web Page

Enjoyed reading this comment regarding 'uncertainty' in the business environment:


"Having lots of experience with big business and big business management I can uncharactristally say things like "regulatory uncertainty" and fear of future taxes just do not enter in at anything but the most cursory level. Large business, at least in the "real economy" (I cannot speak for the leaches in the financial industry) simply do not factor these sort of details into their business plans and certainly would never say, not hire or buy because of it.

I think most talking here have little experience with the inner workings of real corporations and moreover give far too much credit to the analytical processes that go on. Like most Americans, they just aren't looking that far ahead, in part for the same reason most do not - it is a useless exercise given the variables involved and the ever present change of political climate.

Mostly however they are are focused, appropriately I may add, on the day to day processes of running their corporations and the shorter term returns demanded by their shareholders.

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