Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Koch brothers graph


From Rachel Maddow show blog:

Several people wrote and/or tweeted after last night's show looking for the source data on the chart above showing the relationship between the Koch brothers' net worth and the number of people they employ. I didn't have a single link for it in the links list because I couldn't find a single source for the information. Luckily, however, I do have the advantage of a single secondary source. I walked over and asked Mike Yarvitz who produced the segment.

The net worth of the Koch "job creators" comes from the individual profiles of the Forbes 400 list, with the worth of each brother added together. We took just the October number for each year.

The employee number comes for different souces depending on the year but basically the source is Koch Industries itself. In their current company description they say, "With a presence in nearly 60 countries and about 67,000 employees..." So that's where the 67,000 number comes from for 2011 on the chart. But the 2007 number comes from this 2007 Forbes profile of Koch Industries in which they are ascribed 80,000 employees.

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